Lead Intelligence: A Better Model for Lead Gen

Lead Intelligence: A Better Model for Lead Gen


Too often, marketers respond to the pressure to deliver business leads by designing programs that generate a large number of leads, regardless of quality. This results a high quantity of low-quality leads that cost more in sales follow-up than they return in conversions. Sales may be asking for more leads, but there’s an unspoken expectation that what they really want is improved sales pipeline, and that means better leads.

Traditional lead generation tactics don’t deliver much information beyond basic form-fill data. But webinars are different: by providing prospects more ways to engage, webinars let marketers collect rich data about attendee preferences. Webinars are a better tool for pipeline management, blending lead generation with lead intelligence.


  • Adding behavioral metrics to your demographic data
  • Satisfying sales with higher-quality leads
  • Establishing more effective SLAs with sales