Why Sitecore is the Perfect Tool for Charities

Why Sitecore is the Perfect Tool for Charities

A guide on how Sitecore can enhance and improve donor and stakeholder engagement from Trillium; charity and membership digital transformation experts.

Some of the world’s biggest businesses are facing enormous change caused by digital disruption. And they’re not alone.

The struggle to adapt to the digital world is being felt equally keenly by the charity sector. They might not have the budgets of their global private-sector counterparts, but they face similar pressures and expectations, not least the growing demand for a more interactive and responsive approach.

For example, recent YouGov research found that 69% of UK adults would like to donate to specific causes or campaigns within a charity, rising to 75% of millennials. In addition, 52% of adults and 70% of millennials say they would like to receive a notification when their donations are spent. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that charity members and donors expect an online experience that is value-driven, interactive and engaging. They also expect an optimised online journey and a high level of self-service from the charity’s website.

This is why so many are looking for a new approach to their CMS and digital marketing platforms. Find out:

  • How Sitecore supports the 7 steps of donor fundraising and gives you valuable insights at every donor interaction.
  • Why Sitecore is a complete digital marketing system, not just a CMS platform.
  • How you can use machine learning to improve your donors' digital experience and make your processes more efficient